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Which cart is for trash and which one is for recycling?

Please use the blue cart for your trash and the green one for recycling.

When can I expect to receive my cart?

Please allow up to two weeks for cart delivery.

When and where should I place my cart?

Place your cart(s) no less than 2 feet from the curb by 6 a.m. on your collection day. Place the recycling cart 3 feet from the trash cart. Please avoid blocking the carts from being emptied by stacking plastic bags/materials on the lid or with a personal vehicle.

What if all my trash wasn’t picked up?

Please call our team at 512-930-5490 for assistance. These could be unacceptable items, too heavy for the crew to lift, or exceeds the limit.

What do I do if I receive a red tag on my cart?

Review the tag for the material that's not recyclable, then give us a call at 512-930-5490 for further assistance.

My collection was missed. What's next?

If your cart(s) are not emptied by 6 p.m., please call 512-930-5490 the next business day. Our no-fault return policy varies on availability; however, we can accommodate most missed collections.

I provided my credit card number over the phone to set up my account, but I received a past due notice. What happened?

The credit card number provided upon account setup is for a one-time initial payment only. You must register for online bill pay here, in order to set up automatic payments.

Where can I find Online Bill Pay FAQs?

Click here.

What recycling solutions are available for items such as batteries, tires, electronics, paints, or metals?

Use the Earth911 database by clicking here to determine what to do with materials we do not collect.

What steps do I take if my cart needs to be repaired?

Submit your repair needs and include the cart location through our Contact Us form or call 512-930-5490.

Can you pick up bulky items?

Please reference our Bag Tag Program by clicking here, then call 512-930-5490 to schedule removal.

Do I need to place my trash in bags?

We recommend placing your trash in bags to keep your cart clean and our drivers and loaders safe.

Should I place recyclable materials in a trash bag?

No, plastic bags do not belong in your recycling cart.

What are the ACDI office hours?

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.